Book – Mystery in White

IMG_0125-5I was given Mystery in White – A Christmas Crime story, written by J.Jefferson Farjeon, as a Christmas present. I love receiving books as presents as they’re  something you can keep forever. I took it with me to my aunty’s house for Christmas lunch and started reading as soon as I had five minutes to myself. 

The story begins on a train in a rural English village. It is Christmas Eve and a carriage of passengers are bemoaning the fact that heavy snow has disrupted their journey. Despite being total strangers, they soon decide to get off the train and venture into the icy wilderness in the hope of finding another station.

The party soon becomes stranded and has to take refuge in an empty house. With fires lit, beds ready and cups of tea prepared, it’s as if somebody was expecting visitors – but nobody is home. The only presence in the house is a large, haunting painting of a man whose eyes seem to be trying to communicate with them. 
It soon becomes clear that it is up to these uninvited guests, who have been thrown together by circumstance, to solve a mystery that has been hidden in the walls of the house for two decades. 
With a pinch of humour and a dash of romance, it isn’t too scary…! 

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