Café – Manna Dew

If, like so many others, you have a gluten intolerance or just prefer to avoid gluten then you’ll be all too familiar with the nightmare that is finding a decent coffee-shManna Dewop, restaurant or bakery serving food you can actually eat.

Luckily for SW London, Manna Dew, a small, minimalistic patisserie and café located on Battersea High St., has a menu that isn’t just decent, but is actually marvellously good.

Having frequented this cosy spot three times now, I have become acquainted with its semi-Egyptian and 100% gluten-free menu. I have sampled the fruity coffee, devoured thick and creamy hot chocolate, tucked into the all-day breakfast and savoured what I believe to be its signature dish – light and crisp Macaroons (Ladurée, eat your heart out…). 

With classical music playing in the background, Manna Dew is the perfect place to hide away with a good book and while away the hours whilst Battersea life goes by. Slightly on the small side, it is a little too cosy for a big group of friends, but if you go at the right time and find a seat then it’s the perfect setting for a catch-up.

Extremely reasonably priced, you won’t need to worry about the multiple flat-white orders breaking the bank. 

For all those gluten-free food-lovers frustrated with overpriced food, bon appétit!




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