Café – Casa Tua, King’s Cross

As its name suggests, Casa Tua is a coffee shop that is a.) Italian and b.) very homely. I stumbled across it by accident whilst milling around the King’s Cross area and was drawn in by its promising coffee bar and fresh, pretty décor, which were visible through its glass walls.

Once inside, I was met with a warm smile from the barista and relaxed, typical Italian music. Natural light flooded in, warming my chosen table and chair and giving the space a light and airy feel. Honestly, an estate agent would have had a field day. 

Casa Tua 1

When I ordered my usual one-shot latte, I sensed confusion and surprise from the waitress taking my order. This was a sure sign that the coffee would be good, for true enough, when the latte arrived, I regretted having not gone for the extra shot. The coffee itself was delicious and quite fruity. If I were a barista extraordinaire, I would be talking rich body, light acidity and a sweet lingering finish.

Despite having my iPad at the ready for some reading and writing, I quickly became distracted by the artworks scattered around me. From old, black and white photographs of little Italian towns to an actual rustic looking bike hanging from the wall, there was plenty for my eyes to drink in.

Unable to justify eating out on a Thursday afternoon (and only £10 left of my overdraft), I chose not to eat at Casa Tua. However, the delicious smells and sights coming from the counter area assured me that the cuisine would be just as impressive as the coffee.

After an hour or so of listening to Italian accents and soaking up some British springtime sun, I ventured downstairs in search of the bathroom. In doing so, I discovered a lovely secret basement, that isn’t secret at all. What really won my affection in this mysterious subterranean space was a black and white picture of French heartthrob Vincent Cassel, just sitting on an old chest of draws. Heaven.

Before leaving Casa Tua, my new second home, I was greeted by an Italian man who I took to be the owner. He informed me that the original Casa Tua can be found in Camden Town, and from my research it appears is the bigger and more popular of the two at present. It also seems to have longer opening hours, perfect for Mediterranean folk that prefer to eat their lunch when most Brits are tucking into a 5.30pm “evening meal”.

Camden or King’s Cross, coffee or Carbonara, if you trust the Welsh Americano, take heed and check out the Casa Tua family when you can.

La Dolce Vita!

For more information, visit the Casa Tua Facebook page here.

Casa Tua 2


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